Orgonite Energy Pyramids

A beautiful piece of personal art that brings healing harmony and balance to your life force. Orgone pyramids are powerful for their known ability to convert negative energy into positive energy, and balance the spiritual, emotional and physical body. Handmade orgonite art made of resin, metals and healing crystals.

Dr. Wilhelm Reish, an Austrian pschiatrist, researched orgone energy in the earlier half of the 20th century. Building orgonite devices based on his findings, while conducting his research, Dr. Reich found that organic materials attract and hold energy, and non-organic metals simultaneously attract and repel the energy. Organite is based on these two principles.

A 50/50 mix of resin (organic, due to the act that it is a petrochemical), and metal shavings (inorganic). A quartz crystal is added to the pyramid mix and gives off a charge when it is put under pressure when the resin shrinks during the curing process. The elements contained in the orgonite are constantly attracting and repelling energy, a “scrubbing” action takes place, and along the charge that the crystal gives off. This constant action cleans stagnant and negative energy bringing energy back to a healthy, vibrant state. An orgone pyramid is as a filter for toxic energy in the atmosphere (like positive ions from emfs).

Properties of orgone energy (life force) according to Wilhelm Reich:
Organic materials attracted and held orgone energy.
Non-organic metal materials attracted and then rapidly repelled it.
It fills all space and is everywhere.
It’s mass free and is the primordial, cosmic energy.
It penetrates matter, but at different speeds.
It pulsates and is observable and measurable.
It has a strong affinity and attraction to/by water.
It is accumulated naturally in the living organism by ingesting foods, breathing, and through the skin.